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Educator Wellness 

The term “school mental health” is typically used to discuss the mental health and wellness of students. However, school mental health also includes promoting the well-being of school-based educators, administrators, and mental health workers. Individuals working in school settings are particularly vulnerable to work-related stress, especially due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The stress that educators experience affects their enthusiasm about the profession and longevity in the field. 

Let Bounce Back & Breathe 10 Week Educator Wellness Program enhance the lives of school based educators and administrators.

Our Why 

Of teachers in

K-12 settings report high levels of daily stress during the

school year

An estimated 78% of teachers reported feeling physically & emotionally exhausted at the end of the day

Of teachers in

K-12 settings report high levels of daily stress during the

school year

The stress of the education field has high rates of teacher turnover; 10% of teachers leave after one year, and 17% of teachers leave within five years

The  Benefits 

Studies have found that participation in wellness programs is related to several positive outcomes. Specifically, participation in organizational wellness programs is associated with higher job satisfaction and lower absenteeism. Addition to the positive benefits of improved teacher job satisfaction, health, and well being, there are documented cost savings and impacts on student outcomes related to having healthy teachers and school staff. A meta-analysis conducted in 2010 found that workplace wellness programs affect medical costs and absenteeism substantially.

 More specifically, for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs, medical costs fall $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall $2.73 (Baicker et al., 2010). Findings corroborate an earlier meta-analysis that found that employee wellness programs are cost-effective; on average, they achieve a $5.81 to $1.00 return on investment. companies with effective wellness programs had, on average, a 28% reduction in sick days, a 26% reduction in health costs, and a 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims. Results of these comprehensive studies suggest that employee wellness programs are not only helpful for employee wellness and morale, but are also smart financial decisions.

10 Week Educator Wellness Program

Bounce Back &
Breathe Box  

Weekly Yoga Sessions

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Weekly Mindfulness Activities 

Data Intake 

Program can be adjusted to the needs and wants of the school 

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