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Image by Yuris Alhumaydy

Depression Journal Prompt

The emotions we feel aren’t always easy to understand, so sometimes we need to spend some time coming to terms with what we’re feeling. This is especially true for intense emotions, like when we’re grieving. Some people like to use physical movement, like dancing, running, or stretching to process what they’re feeling. Others prefer more introspective work like art therapy or journaling. Having a regular practice for working through your emotions can help you prevent burying your feelings and can be a source of support for when you’re going through a hard time. Journaling, especially, can help us understand our responses to hard things like grief.

One thing I want to remember about them is…

Describe a memory with your loved one that makes you laugh.

Keep a running list of activities you can turn to in order to feel better. & Write down a list of people you can turn to for support, either in person or virtually.

Write about where you feel your grief in your body. Where does your grief stay?

What is a way you can celebrate your loved one’s memory? Can you plant something, cook something, watch something, volunteer something?

Write a mantra you can return to when you feel overwhelmed by grief.

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