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Resilience is our ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and unforeseen difficulties. The Bounce Back & Breathe boxes are here to provide hope and mental protection from emotional and mental struggles. 

Here is your opportunity to purchase your own Bounce Back & Breathe Box 

"My daughter was struggling with anxiety. The pandemic did not help. Once I came across the Bounce Back and Breathe box I decided we had nothing to lose. It helped her soo much."

- Irma T

"My girlfriend lost her Dad during the holiday season last year. She struggles with depression. I wanted to get this for her and let her know I might not know what to say but this box could be there for her." 

- Andrew Y

"I am a Mom of 4 and sometimes my anxiety is through the roof. I bought the Bounce Back & Breathe Tea Box and after one week I felt more at ease. I don't see myself ever turning back."

- Savannah M. 

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